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Australian Tropical Gelbvieh (ATG) had its beginning in the aftermath of Beef 91, where the high impact show bull LA Trisun and the sweet matron Paula, combined to blow the opposition away in the interbreed champion stakes. The pair and the breed came out of nowhere to stun the cattle industry in Australia.

Brice and Fran Kaddatz, then from Mackay, had already invested in their first Gelbvieh genetics, and promoted the first purebred Gelbvieh cattle to be born in tropical Australia.

KADFAM ADAM Born 03.07.1990
Pictured at “Septimus” Mackay Qld, 1993.

KADFAM EVE Born 03.07.1990
Pictured at “Septimus” Mackay Qld, March 1993,
with Fran Kaddatz and her nieces.

Left: Charlie Borg and Jean Gorg
Right: Brice and Francis Kaddatz

The grapevine let it be known that well known Brahman breeders, the late Charlie Borg and wife Jean were impressed by the Beef 91 champions, which resulted in contact between the two parties.

As the friendship and joint interest in Gelbvieh cattle expanded, coastal Brahman breeders, the late Frank and Joan Dittmann, parents of Fran Kaddatz, linked up to form a trio in partnership to breed a line of tropically adapted Gelbvieh cattle.

Early in 1993 Jean McKenzie from “Tantallon” Blackwater, visited the Kaddatz property near Mackay to take a look at the Gelbvieh pair “Adam and Eve” and the first Gelbvieh x Brahman calves born by  natural service in tropical Australia.

Ultimately, inclusive of Evan and Jean McKenzie, a firm four way friendship and common interest in Gelbvieh began.  

ATG was registered in September 1993.

Some of the early ATG Gelbvieh x Brahman stock.

Gelbrah, Gelbvieh x Brahman, stock.

ATG sponsored the first on property Gelbvieh sale at ‘Marklands’, the Borg family property near Sarina. This took place on 6 May 1994, with several hundred people attending the field day and sale of 14 head.  The sale resulted in a total clearance with bulls selling to $4,750.00.

ATG bulls, females and ‘x’ progeny have performed consistently; and particularly during the stud’s residence at Blackwater, under the care of Evan and Jean McKenzie.

Stock at Tantallon, Blackwater Qld, January 2009


The next phase for ATG is about to begin however, as the McKenzies step back from the cattle industry and Jean Borg focuses on her family operation at ‘Marklands’.

The herd is to transfer to Gympie and the ATG brand will be taken into the future by Brice and Fran Kaddatz and their family members.

The ATG herd was influenced by Kadfam, Jevana and Fernandez lines and drew heavily on genetics sourced from RP Gelbvieh.

In recent times Terley Victory Sam has had a strong impact on the herd and the first calves by Norolle Aircooled A38 will be on the ground in 2009. Young ET Imp. Sire ATG Extrovert will be used in the herd in the 2009 breeding season.

ATG TANTALLON 179 by Terley Victory Sam

ATG EXTROVERT ( ET Imp ) by Full Exposure 103N ( Can)


Brice and Fran Kaddatz
11 Atkinson Road Araluen Gympie Qld 4570

Ph: 07 5482 1593
Mob: 0438 861 198
Email: kadfam1@bigpond.com
Stud Location: Gympie Qld
Brian & Petra Kaddatz
2423 Bauple-Wolooga Road Miva Qld 4570
Ph: 07 5484 7341
Mob:  0429 821 593
Clinton & Hayley Kaddatz
18 Victoria Street Eton Qld 4741
Ph: 07 4954 1091
Mob:  0408 541 091

We welcome your enquiries.

Qld. Gelbvieh Members Page

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